יום א Date: 26 Cheshvan, 5776 (11/27/16) – Bava Metzia Daf 62 ~ Eliezer Guterman

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[62 top] R’ Yochanan’s teaching from a Braisa: If two people were walking in a desert and one of them has a flask of water: If they both drink from it, they will both die. If one of them drinks from it, he will be able to reach the city (and survive). R’ Akiva: The verse: “Your brother may live WITH YOU…” teaches that your own life takes precedence over the life of your friend [for your brother’s life only becomes required to save if he can live WITH YOU (meaning that you are still alive yourself)].

D-E-ep Thoughts: Before we run out to save the world, we must first take care of ourselves (and our families) first. This simple lesson is taught (Lehavdil) on every airplane ride as well when they instruct to: “Put on your own oxygen mask first before assisting others with theirs.” It is important to recognize priorities and not to become to selfless, for us to be able to continue working and helping at our optimal levels.