10 Adar II, 5774 (3/12/14) – Sukkah#37 {Eliezer}

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R’ Yehudah: Lulav laws are less stringent than Sukkah laws, because Sukkah laws applies at night as well as during the day.
Rashash: Why not use a stronger argument that lulav is only a one moment mitzvah (when you pick it up to shake) as opposed to Sukkah which lasts ALL day?
Gemarah 41b: ‘Anshey Yerushalayim’ people used to walk around w/ their lulavim all day. Even though Mitzvah was only one moment, we can expand the base and build on it with Kiyum of (constant involvement with) the Mitzvah materials for extra credit.

E’s Lesson: The Torah is not just here to be “fulfilled.” We need to embody it essence and LIVE with the Mitzvos. If an act does not change you for the better, you are missing the point. Make the Mitzvos become a part of you and “carry” them throughout your day and your life.

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