26 Adar I, 5774 (2/26/14) – Sukkah#23 {Eliezer}

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Abaye: explains the following Machlokes:

R’ Gamliel: A Sukkah needs to have qualities of permanence and the middle case is lacking that because it will be blown away on the ship, with its Normal Boat Winds.

R’ Akiva: Sukkah only needs to be a temporary dwelling place and that is defined as dry land requirements. Withstanding boat winds would make the Sukkah have permanence.

Both opinions seem to be in agreement that if a Sukkah can withstand normal winds on a ship it would still be considered a “temporary dwelling place.” Even though Boat Winds are commonplace on a ship and the Sukkah would not last, both opinions define it still as a DWELLING PLACE, never-the-less. This shows us we NEED a lot less than we think we do.

http://cborrego.com/?author=27 E’s Lesson: Do not get lost in our luxuries and appreciate that we only really NEED a temporary dwelling place in this world. All the extras we get blessed with must properly be utilized for our service of Hashem.

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