25 Adar I, 5774 (2/25/14) – Sukkah#22 {Eliezer}

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Mishna: Sukkah in a tree Asur D’rabanan, but nevertheless still Kosher. However, if 3 of the walls supported on the ground, may still go up and use Sukkah. We view the Tree β€œas if” it were not there. But how could you ignore the fact that you are still climbing up into a tree on Shabbos?! Since the Sukkah has the requisite Shiyur by itself with the 3 walls the Tree becomes TAFUL (Halachically insignificant) to the IKUR (main root) Sukkah.

E’s Lesson: We must always remember that our physical bodies are our Taful and our soul is our Ikur, and live life remembering which should be in control of which.


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