יום ו Date: 22 Teves, 5777 (1/20/17) – Bava Metzia Daf 116 ~ Eliezer Guterman

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[116a bottom] Gemarah: Goats are not usually lent out, but kitchen utensils are commonly found in people’s friend’s houses.

D-E-ep Thoughts: Although certain items are more ‘commonly’ shared, we should be the best exceptions. Just as when we are in need of help and call on our friends for extra assistance we would want them to come to our aid, we should always be willing to go the extra mile for our neighbors as well. Hashem sends us special tests and challenges by way of hidden messengers.

Today’s P.I.P. (Put Into Practice) TIP: If someone asks us for an unusually large or difficult favor, we should do our best it fulfill it (if it is within our power).

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