שבת Date: 3 Tishrei, 5774 (9/27/14) – Chagigah#19 {Tani}

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[19a bottom] R’ Yehudah: If one immerses in a minimally Kosher Mikvah of 40 se’ah and comes out wet (thereby decreasing the necessary required amount to an un-Kosher Mikvah), but is still standing with his feet in the water, and someone else subsequently immerses in the Mikvah, they are both considered purified (because the exiting of the first is not yet complete).

go here http://jbnconsulting.net/?p=22 T’s Lesson: When we perform Mitzvos we have to be sure to carry them out exactly as possible and as intended. Just as a Mikvah needs to have the full amount for it to work effectively, we have to ensure to do commandments to the full and proper extent for them to work as well.

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