28 Adar I, 5774 (2/28/14) – Sukkah#25 {Tani}

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Mishna: One who is on a mitzvah mission is exempt from mitzvah of Sukkah. We have a principle of one who is involved in a Mitzvah is exempt from a second one that comes his way.

http://atwatervillagetavern.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://atwatervillagetavern.com/happy-hour-food/ T’s Lesson#1: We should never look for excuses not to accomplish that which we need to accomplish. The only time we should ever feel that we are really “exempt” from any responsibility is if we are seriously steeped in a mitzvah, so as that we are so involved that other things do not even enter our minds. Then, we feel “exempt” from all other responsibilities and distractions in life. I.e. One who is really involved in learning should not even be distracted by the noises or sounds from the outdoors.

Gemarah: One can only be misamaeach (joyous) in a place of the Chupah, because the happiness, is only where the celebration is (i.e. not in a sukkah).

these details T’s Lesson #2: Happiness is really only where the celebration is. For those who think that happiness is in a party or a celebration of single life, that is not the correct aspect. The real happiness only takes place amid proper celebration of song and dance with the couple involved in the marriage… not in the non-jewish concepts of drinking and gambling.  


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