28 Adar I, 5774 (2/28/14) – Sukkah#25 {Eliezer}

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R’ Huna son of R’ Yehoshua: Any structure made for the purpose of something other than itself (Rashi: like a watchhouse for guarding a field) is not considered a living place to allow a terminology of living quarters (and would therefore not Halachically allow carrying freely within it). Even though it HAS all the “requirements” of a Private living quarters, the fact that is not Used for the PURPOSE, it negates itself as being even qualified in the first place.

http://marklilla.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0//"https:////marklilla.com///" E’s lesson: On the outside, things can look to be 100% certain that they are completely right or wrong, but until you KNOW the inside (real drive/purpose/motivation) you may never Judge anything or anyone and you may be the one absolutely mistaken. Always judge favorably.

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