27 Adar I, 5774 (2/27/14) – Sukkah#24 {Eliezer}

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R’ Meir: We should worry about the possibility of an animal dying (and if it is large enough, like an elephant, to be used for a wall) then when it falls down the Sukkah will be invalidated. But it seems like too far-fetched to worry about an animal dying, it is not a USUAL event to worry about. R’ Meir understands that since it is outside your control, if you do not take enough precautions (ie: tying and hanging it on ropes so it would not fall) that is still something to keep in mind and be considerate of, as it does happen as part of “usual nature.”

click this link now E’s Lesson: There are many things in your life that are outside your control. Make all the efforts and plans that you physically can (need to do Hishtadlut). However, the rest is not for you to worry about (the things you CANNOT control) and pray to G-d to help, because He is ultimately really always in control of Everything.
From a dear friend:
“G-d, grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.”

R Yehuda: Have an extra wife on deck for Kohen Gadol just in case something should happen to his current one, since Kohen Gadol MUST always be married to serve on Yom Kippur.
R’ Rosner in name of R’ Kook: Why? Gezeiras Hacasuv “Va’ad Baiso.” But what’s underlying Hashkafic reason? Why only THIS position that NEEDS to be married by Law? Kohen Gadol needs to Represent the Congregation and as such, Jews = Givers. And GIVING starts at home, with your spouse.
R’ Tatz: The root of AHAVA (love) is HAV (to give). GIVING creates LOVE. Only when you GIVE of Yourself to LOVE, can you become ONE with your spouse. How do you know this?
Because “AHAVA” (love/giving) Gematria = 13 = “ECHAD” (one) Gematria.

buy viagra online prescription E’s Lesson#2: Recognize my role as a GIVER. Stop and think throughout the day, am I acting more like a Receiver or a Giver today? 

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