27 Adar I, 5774 (2/27/14) – Sukkah#24 {Tani}

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Rabbanan: A Baraisa that says a man cannot divorce a woman if he gives her conditions to adhere to forever, such as I will divorce you only if you never drink wine or visit your father’s house, because the condition is Ever-Lasting and in that way she is thereby in a sense still always Bound to him (If it is a condition for a limited amount of time, i.e. 30 days, it works).

buy viagra chicago T’s Lesson: In this world we cannot place conditions on one another for things to take hold. Whether in marriage, relationships, friendships or others, just as by divorce conditions don’t work, so too in relationships. Conditional love is NOT real love. As pirkei avot teaches us, “What is real love, love that is not bound by any conditions, such as the love of David and Yonatan.”

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