Parshas Metzora – Homely Tzarras {Tani}

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{T’s Torah Tidbits}

     In this weeks Parsha we learn about how Tzaraas affects homes (14:33-57 describes the process). If the Tzaraas is persistent and stays even after removing and replacing some stones, the house must be demolished (the walls must be broken down). Isn’t that a bit excessive? What did the house ever do wrong? Rashi explains that when the houses in Israel were demolished, hidden treasures were found in the walls. These were originally stashed away by the Canaanites when the Jews were conquering Israel.

     We see here a powerful lesson. What might seem like a cruel punishment on the surface (the destruction of a home due to a sin) is really a great reward in hiding (the gain of treasure). Hashem always has our best interests at heart and always does what is best for us. We must never doubt G-d, especially when on surface level it does not look positive. We should keep in mind that Hashem always does what is best for us even if we can not see it or understand it at the moment.

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