Parshas Metzora – A Pure Affliction { J & E }

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By: {Jay} (w/ E’s Insights below)

Based on teachings of: Mashiach’s Name by Eli Touger
(Adapted from
Likkutei Sichos, Vol. VII, p. 100ff;
Vol. XXII, p. 77ff; Parshas Tazria, 5751;
Sefer HaSichos 5751, p. 491ff)

     Our Sages ask:“What is Mashiach’s name?” and reply “The leper of the House of Rebbi.”This is very difficult to understand. Mashiach will initiate the Redemption, and is associated with the pinnacle of life and vitality. How can his name be linked with leprosy (tzaraas), which is identified with deathand exile?
This difficulty can be resolved based on the statements of Likkutei Torah, which explain that a person affected by
tzaraas will be:
A man of great stature, of consummate perfection….
Although such a person’s conduct is desirable, and he has corrected everything,… it is still possible that on the flesh of his skin there will be lower levels on which evil has not been refined. This will result in physical signs on his flesh, in a way which transcends the natural order….

     In my mind, the relevance of this and last week’s portion is now clear. We are referred to as Links in a Chain – the beginning and ends of this chain are especially significant without diminishing anything in-between it does describe our beginning and our goal.
There clearly was a time where the children of Israel’s spiritual level was sufficient to have merited
Tzaraas – a physical manifestation of a spiritual lacking. There clearly will also be a time when this, at least for one person, will be seen as a sign of the final redemption, but also our closeness with G-d and the removal of the veil, where we will all merit in seeing G-d’s involvement in our lives.
The question therefore in my mind – is what should we be doing
now. Unfortunately I am not part of the previous generation nor am I yet part of the next generation.
I am going to try and work on my sensitivity – sensitivity towards; health & healing, events that occur in my every day and events that occur over a longer period of time. Through this sensitivity, which in my opinion, comes about through my further learning, understanding an adoption of ideas into my and my families every day, I hope that even though we do not still have that direct cause and effect so plainly to see and understand, we still do rely on the fact that if it was not for G-d’s loving kindness – humankind would have been destroyed many centuries ago.
This week’s portion, at least for me, gives me further confirmation of G-d’s involvement in our lives and just because its hard to see and understand, it does not diminish and therefore there is always still a chance. — 
Thank you and Shabbat Shalom, J

{E’s Insights}
The idea is very well a connection. A linking to previous greater heights as well as a rope for the later Moshiach to “hang” onto. We are the connectors and may look to the past, as well as the future, for contstant hope and inspiration. There have been people in our times who have withstood much greater tribulations than we can ever imagine. But also understand the we have the potential to bring about the ultimate redemption.
     Tzaraas is an affliction that great individuals may manifest as well. We are all human (although with greater power comes greater responsibilities). Deep down all our Neshamas are PURE, and when the Tzaraas hit, it was only manifest on the exterior of an individual. Our shells may crack, but our yolks are never beaten. May we all grow into beautiful chicks under G-d’s radiant heat lamps and put forth seeds for the Cock-a-doodle-dooing (shofar blowing) of the Moshiach to live in our ultimate farm of the Beis Hamikdash, speedily in our days. Amen.

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