24 Adar I, 5774 (2/24/14) – Sukkah#21 {Eliezer}

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Rashi: β€œA bed protects the shoes and sandals that are beneath it.” Reason is (as said in GM’ Baba Basra 58a): Torah scholars only shoes kept there. Otherwise, others would be accustomed to coming in for other items and don’t want people coming into a private area.

E’s Lesson#1: Keep private matter private. Learn to act w/ TZNIUS in all aspects of our lives.

R’ Acha bar Ada (in name of R’ Hamnuna in the name of Rav): Even the β€œidle talk” of Scholars should be closely evaluated to learn lessons from. From Tehillim, β€œAnd his leaves (much less significant than the great tree) will not whither.” Even the leaves take on great significance. That’s why we go to a Rebbe’s Tish and watch even how he sings and eats.

E’s Lesson#2: We have many means to learn great valuable lessons if we would only seek them.

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