24 Adar I, 5774 (2/24/14) – Sukkah#21 {Eliezer}

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Rashi: “A bed protects the shoes and sandals that are beneath it.” Reason is (as said in GM’ Baba Basra 58a): Torah scholars only shoes kept there. Otherwise, others would be accustomed to coming in for other items and don’t want people coming into a private area.

sites E’s Lesson#1: Keep private matter private. Learn to act w/ TZNIUS in all aspects of our lives.

R’ Acha bar Ada (in name of R’ Hamnuna in the name of Rav): Even the “idle talk” of Scholars should be closely evaluated to learn lessons from. From Tehillim, “And his leaves (much less significant than the great tree) will not whither.” Even the leaves take on great significance. That’s why we go to a Rebbe’s Tish and watch even how he sings and eats.

find out here now E’s Lesson#2: We have many means to learn great valuable lessons if we would only seek them.

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