יום ה Date: 25 Adar II, 5774 (3/27/14) – Sukkah#52 {Eliezer}

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R’ Yehudah [52a middle]: In the future, when Hashem slaughters the Yetzer Hara (Y”H = evil inclination), there will be crying. The righteous will cry because they will see the Y”H as a huge mountain and recall the pain it took to conquer that great mountain of temptation. The wicked will cry because to them, the Y”H is like a strand of a hair, and they are saddened to have not overcome such a small obstacle. Hashem also “cries” for the righteous (with tears of joy) and the wicked (tears of sadness).
R’ Assi: The Y”H for the wicked is a spider thread; It can be easily swept aside. Once one becomes close to it (and chooses not to distance oneself), the Y”H becomes like a cart rope and they end up entangled in a massive web.
Rif and Chasam Sofer: The Y”H always starts small. But when defeated by the righteous, it grows bigger and stronger with each successive failure to create a more formidable opponent.

E’s Lesson: What is a real test? A Nisayon (true test) has Nais (miracle) as its root. By definition, we cannot defeat the evil inclination on our own (otherwise it is not miraculous). Hashem (by giving us the challenge) is promising to help us through it to succeed [He never gives us a problem we cannot pass]. We need to take the blind jump off the cliff, knowing that He will catch us. When we fully understand this, and we show that it is all Him, He, in turn, shows that is was us all along. We have the capability for anything when we let G-d into our lives. We just need to push aside our own egos to let Hashem fully in. R’ Simcha: The world is full of light, except where we cast shadows. G-d is shining His light, so get your“self” out of the way!

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