יום ב Date: 7 Nisan, 5777 (4/3/17) – Bava Basra Daf 71 ~ Eliezer Guterman

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[71b middle] Yehudah ben Nekusa in front of Rebbe: If “he” does not specify that items (within the boundaries of a gift) should be particularly left to a gifter when a present is transferred, then we may assume those items are included in the gift as well.
Rashbam quoting R’ Chananel: The “he” must be the seller who is responsible to exclude any items. For if a buyer is actually paying for an item, he would not be embarrassed about asking for ‘extra’ items. But when one receives free gifts, he generally knows better than to ask for more than he is getting.
R’ Rosner: Children do not understand this yet and when they get presents they might complain that it is not exactly what they wanted or ask for even more of them! We have to teach them just to say, “Thank you!”

D-E-ep Thoughts: This is the Jewish concept of “Sameach Bechelko” (being happy with our lots in life). We know that Hashem gives us exactly everything that we need in the proper times and we must say, “Thank you G-d” for everything.

Today’s P.I.P. (Put Into Practice) TIP: Think of something that we feel we are lacking, meditate about it, and recognize that if we do not yet have it in our lives there is a very good reason for it.

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