יום ג Date: 2 Adar, 5777 (2/28/17) – Bava Basra Daf 37 ~ Eliezer Guterman

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[37a bottom] R’ Akiva: “A seller interprets the terms of a sale generously.” [If a man owns a field with a well in it, and sells the field but not the well, he does not ipso facto retain a right of way through the field to the well, but has to pay for it, if required, to the purchaser.]

no prescription Lamictal D-E-ep Thoughts: When dealing with others we should always be more generous than stingy. By understanding that we are portions of G-d, we are able to nullify ourselves to connect to the Greater. When we are extra gracious and giving to others, Hashem will act with us in the same way.

buy accutane steroids Today’s P.I.P. (Put Into Practice) TIP: Give a little more of ourselves, through our time, money, and attention to others.

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