יום ג Date: 23 Tishrei, 5776 (10/25/16) – Bava Metzia Daf 29 ~ Tani Guterman

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[29b middle] Braisa: If one borrows a Torah scroll from his friend he may not lend it to another person [Ritva: Even though we normally assume people would be happy with others doing Mitzvos with their objects, we do not apply that principle here (since their is a risk of damage to it)].

Prac-T-cal Tidbits: We should realize how special and holy our Torah is. We are all able to have our own unique special portions and connections to it. Every Jew is symbolized by a specific letter within the Torah and we are obligated to fulfill our individual missions here on earth through it. We must claim our own portions and never ‘give away’ or pawn off our jobs to others (since no one else is able to do what we individually were put here for), and fulfill our tasks as best as we can.

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