יום ב Date: 20 Adar I, 5776 (2/29/16) – Gittin Daf 78 {Eliezer}

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[78a top] R’ Misharshiya bar R’ Dimi: A husband that sells baskets does not mind if his wife uses one of them for herself and keeps it lying around (and it would Halachically be considered her own private domain).
R’ Yonah [GM’ Baba Basra]: This case is particularly talking about a husband who sold his wife a basket and he wants her to use it because it is good for his own business [either that he if he runs out of stock he could use hers and then replace it again, or that it shows the quality and importance of his items if his own wife even uses it for herself].

click here D-E-ep Thoughts: Just as it shows importance and real value when we use items that we sell to others, so too must we take this lesson and apply it to Torah. It is easy for us to give Mussar (advice/rebuke) to others when we see them doing something wrong, but for us to implement those same lessons into our own lives is where the true challenge lies. We should always practice what we preach, as it will not only become more real to ourselves, but also help teach others real true value.

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