יום ג Date: 17 Teves, 5776 (12/29/15) – Gittin Daf 16 {Eliezer}

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[16a middle] Gemarah: A Mikvah needs to have 40 se’ah (~198 gallons) from Divine NATURALLY flowing waters (ie: rainwater or rivers) [without being held in artificial containers].

D-E-ep Thoughts (based on Mikvah.org): One of the main purposes of immersion is becoming ONE with nature, through the nullification of the self. The word “immersion” טבילה even has the same letters as הביטל “nullification of self.” We must not view ourselves as being artificially ‘self contained.’ Just as a helpless baby forming in a watery womb relies on its mother for sustenance and survival, so too do we float around in these waters and constantly rely on Hashem for everything we have and do.

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