יום ו Date: 4 Sivan, 5775 (5/22/15) – Kesuvos#109 {Eliezer}

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[109a top] Mishnah: A son in law who is owed unpaid pledged money by his father in law, has the potential to destroy his own marriage if his greed gets in the way.
Rama: The focus in a relationship should never be about what (money) one can get from it.
R’ Dessler: Love is a product of giving and NOT the cause of it.
R’ Rosner: The prime example of love (and the first time it is mentioned in the Torah) is that of a parent child relationship [as we give unquestionably to our children when they are young and helpless].

D-E-ep Thoughts: We must always keep in mind our role for all of our relationships in this world. G-d will ensure that we get what He wants us to have. It is our duty to make sure that we can also be His messengers by giving of ourselves to others. We can help create more love through giving to truly gain the most in return.

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