יום ה Date: 3 Sivan, 5775 (5/21/15) – Kesuvos#108 {Tani}

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[108b top] Mishnah: Tanna Kamma: If one died and left behind sons and unmarried daughters, when the property of the estate is abundant, the sons inherit it (and the daughters are supported). When the inherited property is meager, the daughters are supported and the  sons must go around begging.

Prac-T-cal Tidbits: Although we are all children of Hashem, it is critically important to preserve the dignity of our daughters. They are the queens and of our nation. Therefore, the females must not be forced to scrounge and ruin their honor. We should always try to preserve the honor of not just all the women in our lives, but every soul that we have some connection to.

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