יום ג Date: 11 Nisan, 5775 (3/31/15) – Kesuvos#57 {Eliezer}

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[57b top] R’ Chisda: When Eliezer asked Rivka to return with him (to be a wife for Yitzchak), Lavan asked that she be able to remain a short while before her departure.
R’ Rosner: Throughout the 67 verses, Eliezer is never referred to by his name, rather he is called either “Avraham’s servant,” or “the man.”

D-E-ep Thoughts: Eliezer’s fulfillment in life was not to be called his own name, but rather, his essence was defined by his mission. When we are able to totally become “servants” of G-d, that is when we fulfill our ultimate purposes and become “free” people. This is also the exact lesson of Pesach: True Freedom is being able to Serve Limitlessly (without being chained down to external drives/forces).


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