יום ג Date: 5 Adar, 5775 (2/24/15) – Kesuvos#22 {Tani}

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[21a bottom] Braisa: The Rabbis: If a woman originally said that she was married, but then reversed her statement and claimed never to have been married, she is believed to be unmarried. Rava bar R’ Huna: This is because she gave a plausible reason for her first words [ie: she explained that she claimed to be married so as not to be bothered by other unmarried men, but now she is interested in getting married so admits to being single].

Prac-T-cal Tidbits: Many times we jump to conclusions and accuse people before we have given them an opportunity to explain their words and/or actions. Even if a person says one thing and then the complete opposite, if a plausible reason is given, they must be believed. We must always give people the benefit of the doubt and be amenable to various other positive alternatives.

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