Parashas Pekudei – The LIGHT of LOVE {Eliezer}

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Question–Why does it say in this week’s Parsha that they “finished”, then later it says that “they did.” The order seems to be completely reversed. First say they did the work and then say it was finished! Is this just another example of that the Torah is not written in order?

Answer- All that we do is ONLY because Hashem helps us and wills it to be, but He gives US credit.

If you look carefully it doesn’t say that THEY finished, rather that IT WAS finished. The Torah says “KiCHOL” it was AS IF they did everything. We could not do it all ourselves (either the mental knowledge, skill, physical labor or all of the above). We were just required to take the 1st step. Hashem will and always does the rest, but Also gives US the credit for the process.

Question – In the pasukim it also says “the MISHKAN” twice. The Midrash explains: there was something that was taken as a Mashkon “a collateral” for our sins. Instead of destroying US, G-d took it out on sticks and stones, the Bes Hamikdash. Then afterwards it says “Aidus” this is the Testimony of Hashem. Namely, that He resides amongst us. But shouldn’t order again be reversed here again? 1st He is RESIDING in Bes Hamikdash and AFTER is the destruction. Seems the Torah order is not correct?

Once the Beis Hamikdosh / Holy Temple (B’M) is destroyed, there was no more “testimony” of G-d. It was only Beforehand when the Temple was standing.

Hadras VaIyun explains: When any House of G-d was built, it was then that G-d’s presence comes in. But did HE really need it? Of course not! He is Eternally Everywhere! G-d gives US a place to be inspired and bring inspiration from for Him. OTHERS (non-Jews) might think “Ohh, G-d needs a house! Of course!” – THAT (they might think) is where G-d is. So how does Hashem PROVE His House is only for His inhabitants?

Divrei Shaul explains: in Melachim, when King Shlomo inaugurated the B’M there was a big fog and cloudy sky on that day. Shouldn’t it have been SHINING outside and a gorgeous day?! Exactly NOT!! Hashem is not interested in the whole PHYSICAL beauty. It was built it that way only for us HUMANS to be inspired. Hashem had it soo dark and gloomy to COVER the physical beauty. We should realize He only loves it because of the People that are there, THEY SHINE. So Hashem chooses to perform an action to show World what Hashem is really interested in. Is it the HOUSE or His Love for Jewish PEOPLE. Hashem’s LOVE is shown MOST when He had His House destroyed! When other nations of the world realized that The Jewish People sinned, G-d did not punish US when sent us out. But didn’t G-d LOVE his HOUSE?

Tosephos in Taanis explains: G-d took his wrath out on just on the wood and stones. But they didn’t DO anything wrong? Hashem LOVES us. At the Moment of this destruction see G-d’s love manifested most. Otherwise, G-d would have kept His House and just destroyed us and/or sent us away. The COLLATERAL taken, was THE Witness to G-d’s presence.

This whole idea is the concept of PURIM and the month of ADAR. There is NO mention of G-d’s name throughout the whole Megillah. Adar is the Darkest of all the months spiritually and historically. My father, brother, and great uncle all passed away during this month (also all three “happen” to be in Adar II when we actually celebrate Purim). From an outsider, it seems that G-d has skipped town during all these events and has His vacation time set every year.

However, Nothing could be further from the truth. It is ONLY the month of Adar we when exclaim, “Mishenichnas Adar Barbim B’simcha!” This month is the MOST JOYOUS out of all the year! But what about Chanukah? What about Rosh Hashona? What about Pesach? The difference lies in the true deep understanding of G-d’s workings. It is ridiculously EASY to see G-d when he Flashes around his miracles. There is no real Love or work we have to do to experience His closeness. Like we said 10,000 times already, Love is created from Giving. G-d’s LIGHT is MOST clearly recognized in the Darkness. You can pretend to think that the Megillah is an unbelievable amount of randomness and coincidences. But G-d says, “When I hide myself, I will be most clearly revealed.” Go look through the Megillah and study how perfectly I order things and how unmistakable the message is, G-d says. He is unbelievably close to us at this time of the year. In the month of Adar with all this darkness it is up to US to find Him. And when we do, we will recognize that He was holding our hand right here next to us the closest he has ever been, all along.

A father holds his child’s hands to help him take his first few steps, completely protected and secure. But then when the child feels most comfortable and filled with love and joy, the father let’s go. This is the ultimate feeling of abandonment. At the greatest and happiest time, all seems to have been taken away and lost. But then, as the child starts to to flop forward and takes his first wobbly steps across the room, one, then another… he is able to run right into his Father’s arms! And then, only then, does he realize his Father was helping him all along and feels the love ever strongest at that seemingly darkest moment.

That is EXACTLY why the Pasuk orders these events ever so precisely. It is only after the destruction in the darkness that G-d’s presence is most manifest. May we merit to open our eyes and see the light hidden in the darkness. Appreciate every moment and opportunity we are graciously blessed with. Remember that Hashem is our most loving, illuminating Father and we must never get lost in the “darkness.”

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